Building Futures through Developing Relationships, or “How to Get Development Funding”


So 2014 is bidding farewell to it’s first month and the scent of optimism is in the air.

Indications that the economy is finally on the up and up, a new housebuilding programme being mooted, house prices on an upward trend and deposit help for first time buyers.

A good time to broking mortgages, and we al know a builder right?

Surely a great time to be a builder, developer or architect too right? The sound of rusty trowels, setsquares and spirit levels being picked up from yards, storage and drawing boards fills the air like spring birdsong, or at least it should.

Sadly that’s not everyone’s experience at the moment though is it?

  • builders want to build
  • developers want to develop
  • architects want to draw
  • mortgage brokers want to package
  • banks want to lend. Don’t they? 

That’s the bit where it all falls down, the broken promises from the…

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Is it time to take a fresh look at Buy To Let Loans?


If you are a mortgage broker, IFA, or indeed an introducer of finance leads, you will no doubt face a deluge of packagers calling you on a daily basis offering you their wares.

Each call a different shade of drab grey until come the end of the week you’ve experienced fifty different shades of the same grey prattle. Fifty shades of grey that have as much excitement and sex appeal as a Dulux grey colour chart, with nothing to skip a heartbeat, race a pulse or twitch a hormone.

Same old “I want to build a rapport with you.”… “Did you know that secured loans are an alternative to remortgages?”… “Use our software meaning you never need to speak to a human again to do business”… “Did you know rates start from 5 point whatever” … “blah, blah, blah”…

Most of these characters broker Buy to Let deals, neglecting to…

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How Much Are You Really Worth?


Often times when pitching for new secured loan business we hear sentiments to the effect of “my commission is adequate”.

Adequate is fine, run of the mill, mundane, not very exciting is it?

Imagine if your spouse described you as an “adequate” partner? How would you feel?

Do you look into the eyes of your children and think of them as “adequate”? That’s the kind of connection that makes a kid grow up and write a book called “A Child Called Adequate”.

Does Hallmark make Mothers’/ Fathers’ Day Cards bearing the slogan “To an acceptable Mum/Dad”

We demand more from the important things in our lives, we set high expectations, we draw pride from our family lives, equally most of us draw pride from our professional lives…otherwise why do we do it?

Your clients set high expectations from you, so isn’t it about time, as a broker the lifeblood of…

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