How Much Are You Really Worth?


Often times when pitching for new secured loan business we hear sentiments to the effect of “my commission is adequate”.

Adequate is fine, run of the mill, mundane, not very exciting is it?

Imagine if your spouse described you as an “adequate” partner? How would you feel?

Do you look into the eyes of your children and think of them as “adequate”? That’s the kind of connection that makes a kid grow up and write a book called “A Child Called Adequate”.

Does Hallmark make Mothers’/ Fathers’ Day Cards bearing the slogan “To an acceptable Mum/Dad”

We demand more from the important things in our lives, we set high expectations, we draw pride from our family lives, equally most of us draw pride from our professional lives…otherwise why do we do it?

Your clients set high expectations from you, so isn’t it about time, as a broker the lifeblood of…

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